Best 5 OCR Tools for Windows in 2022

Best 5 OCR Tools for Windows in 2022

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Whether you are a trainee in college or an staff member in a software company, you might frequently scan files. Scanning files is an efficient method to archive stacks of files so they are not quickly lost. The scanned document is non-editable and it would also be inconvenient to start typing them one by one into Word since it will take so much time.

You can make your computer do the heavy lifting by converting the scanned image of your document into text and allowing you to browse and edit your files. This is the function of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) where it uses the intelligence of the software you select to acknowledge the shape of the character in a scanned image or file and can change it into digital text that you can modify as you want.

Now, there are numerous OCR tools that you can discover but not all OCR tools can work smoothly. That's why we want to help you through this article, to find the very best OCR tool you can utilize. We will offer you Leading 5 OCR tools for Windows, each with their pros and cons. At the end, you can decide which OCR tool is the very best and fits your requirements based upon recommendation points that we have made.

1. PDF Reader Pro for Windows

2. Abbyy FineReader

3. Adobe Acrobat DC

4. Easy OCR

5. Google Docs

PDF Reader Pro for Windows
If you have never used OCR prior to, PDF Reader Pro Windows would appropriate for you. This software is perfect for beginners for numerous factors. Frequently we want to use OCR tools and we may stumble upon OCR tools that are too made complex to understand. Also, some OCR software applications have low acknowledgment accuracy and you might wind up editing the entire files which would also lose your time. The OCR tools in PDF Reader Pro Windows have an easy-to-understand user interface. The tools offered in this software are quite simple so you won't have any problem performing OCR even if you are a beginner. PDF Reader Pro Windows can assist you edit any form of PDF files and after that, you can likewise experience other effective features that PDF Reader Pro Windows has.


OCR tools support numerous languages such as Chinese (Simplified & Conventional), English, French, German, Haitian, Japanese, Korean, and Latin.

OCR exported file supports multi format documents such as PDF and TXT.

Quick OCR recognition procedure and outstanding precision.

Smooth and easy-to-use user interface, ideal for PDF software newbies.

OCR, PDF Reader Pro Windows also offers other features that are helpful to skillfully process your PDF files from editing, transforming, or creating PDF files.


PDF Reader Pro Windows software just supports three languages at the moment which are English, Simplified Chinese, and Standard Chinese.

Abbyy FineReader
You might have heard Abbyy FineReader prior to. This OCR software is among the best OCR tools appropriate for those of you who have small/medium sized business that deal with substantial loads of files. Why? Abbyy FineReader permits you to manage your files like a professional with the latest AI innovation that can make it simpler for you to utilize OCR, in addition to other functions. However, the Abbyy FineReader function which is rather advanced might act like a double edged sword and can confuse users specifically newbies.


OCR tools have great precision.

Supports lots of languages.

Well-oriented conversion.


Very big price.

Advanced features might terrify the newbies.

Adobe Acrobat DC
Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the most thorough PDF Reader apps out there. If you have actually used OCR before and need advanced OCR tools, then Adobe Acrobat DC is the right choice. The OCR feature in Adobe Acrobat likewise has some effective functions. But advanced features would certainly require you to discover the software initially. The complex functions and user interfaces that this software has can confuse you if you are a beginner. Apart from OCR, this software is also equipped with numerous other features to edit your PDF files.


Advanced OCR tools with numerous adjustable functions.

Supports several languages.

Provide Adobe Document Cloud.


Complicated interface may puzzle users.

Smooth experience needs an sophisticated PC.

SimpleOCR is OCR software that can help you handle images that are not really clear and still get respectable results at the have a peek at these guys end. SimpleOCR is an application based on OCR so it doesn't have a lot of functions compared to other PDF software.


Easy-to-use OCR interface.

It keeps your file design and formatting the exact same after the conversion.


It doesn't allow you to copy/paste.

Lots of customer problems about the crash while transforming and mistake.

Google Docs
Maybe many of us do not know that Google Docs supports OCR. Google Docs is indeed more popular as a Words processor than OCR. Google Docs OCR abilities are not as advanced as other OCR software. Docs OCR can just scan files that you submit to your Google account. Google included an OCR function to scan online books or PDFs in Docs.


Google this website Docs OCR is a web-based service so you don't require to set up any software to your PC.
Excellent accuracy.


It does not support drawing out text from photos and no design recognition.
Web-version makes Google Docs quite reliant on the network.

How does PDF Reader Pro Windows stick out as OCR software?
Picking the best PDF Reader software for your requirements is not an easy matter. The OCR software application review that we have actually presented above highlights that every OCR softwares is excellent in their own capacity. Then why does PDF Reader Pro Windows stand out as an exceptional OCR software from the rest? Its efficiency and simplicity is what makes PDF Reader Pro Windows might be the best choice for you. A few of the reasons listed below can also persuade you that PDF Reader Pro Windows is the right option.

1. Acknowledge several languages

Excellent OCR software need to support multiple languages, such as that provided by PDF Reader Pro Windows. OCR on PDF Reader Pro Windows is supported by advanced AI innovation to scan your files or images into multiple languages. Offered languages consist of Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), English, French, German, Haitian, Japanese, Korean, and Latin.

2. Easy to use user interface

Interface is one of the elements that makes PDF Reader Pro Windows much better than other OCR software. Other sophisticated and effective OCR programs are typically unfriendly to new users and can be daunting to newbies. PDF Reader Pro Windows itself prioritizes simplicity for users so that OCR can be utilized quickly and effectively. You also don't need to read or discover anything very first to utilize OCR tools in PDF Reader Pro Windows.

3. Affordable price

Cost is one of the most essential consider discovering OCR software application. PDF Reader Pro Windows offers OCR service included in the Premium license that you can use forever. Alternatively, you can also buy the Pro License which also includes an Workplace Load. Click here to buy and find out more about the bundle. This cost is a lot more budget friendly and economical compared to the majority of the software applications on the marketplace. PDF Reader Pro Windows likewise does not need any additional charges for all further upgrades. We also have consumer assistance groups that will absolutely refer you timely.

4. Inter-Platform Compatibility

OCR, PDF Reader Pro Windows also provides some very innovative killer functions to make it simpler for you to manage your PDF files. This application allows you to develop electronic signatures, develop watermarks, extract and split documents, merge and compress files and other effective features that you can experience in both Windows and Mac versions.

More Details:
How to Carry Out OCR in PDF Reader Pro Windows?
1. Download PDF Reader Pro Windows here;

2. Open the file with PDF Reader Pro Windows;

3. Click OCR on the Toolbar;

4. Select Page Range Approaches and Language;

There are 4 Page Range Methods that we supplied:

a. OCR present page.

b. OCR PDF files by odd pages.

c. OCR PDF files by even pages.

d. Or OCR by custom variety where you can personalize the desired page( s) you desire for example; 2, 3-5, 10 which means that the software application will perform OCR on page 2,3-5, and 10 just.

5. Click OCR;

6. Select format for the exported file (PDF, TXT) and select an output folder and the OCR files will be saved in the chosen folder.

You can also click on this link to view the guide video for How to Use OCR in PDF Reader Pro.

It appears that PDF Reader Pro Windows is the very best PDF OCR software app that you can have today. Not only is the OCR function excellent, PDF Reader Pro Windows likewise offers various other features that can enable you to process whatever form and kind of file you have. PDF Reader Pro Windows has been used by more than 90 million individuals in 200 countries. Download now and experience it by yourself!

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